In order to participate in Missouri’s medical marijuana program, all patients are required to receive a recommendation from a doctor. This is always the first step to be able to purchase medical marijuana in Missouri. But this is ONLY THE FIRST STEP! Here’s a quick list of a few other things required before receiving your medical marijuana license:

  • Patients must have and upload a valid ID to the state
  • Patients must also be a resident of Missouri and have proof of residency
  • All cardholders are required to submit a passport styled photo

The first step is to visit The Department of Health and Senior Services’ platform Complia. Here, patients register to apply for their medical marijuana card. Of all medical cannabis states, Missouri has one of the lowest registration fee (only $25.00 plus nominal credit card fees). In order to grow medical marijuana, a patient must also submit a grower’s application and pay a grow registration fee of $100.

Patients may possess up to 4 ounces of dried medical marijuana flower per month.


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